Where To Elope In Florida: The gardens and beaches you need to know about


6 places to compare, to help you figure out where to elope in Florida. These are the best elopement locations in centeral Florida!

Need help deciding where to elope in Florida?

Elopements are generally simple, and yet, there is one question that eats up a lot of couples who are tempted to just head to the courthouse instead of choosing a location. But I can certainly promise you that the research comes with a reward. And the best part is that I’ve done the research so you can have a rewarding elopement, without the research!

P.S. If you realize that you have to make three decisions — where to elope in Florida, who to pick as your elopement photographer and who to invite…well, invite me as your elopement photographer and that’ll leave only one decision left!

1. Ponce Inlet

Discover the hidden gem of Ponce Inlet, a charming town nestled on the southern tip of a barrier island in Volusia County, Florida. With its laid-back atmosphere and less crowded conditions, it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Daytona Beach. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nearly four miles of pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters that stretch to the mouth of the inlet. Don’t miss the particularly breathtaking sunrises and sunsets that have earned Ponce Inlet’s beach numerous awards.

Otherwise, one of the town’s main attractions is the iconic Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. Since its construction in 1887, this historic lighthouse has been guiding mariners along the Florida coast for over 130 years. A visit to Ponce Inlet wouldn’t be complete without exploring this magnificent landmark, declared a National Historic Landmark in 1998.

Bride and Groom stand on white sand beach with stunning colors of sunset rays behind them at Ponce Inlet Beach
  • No Permit required for weddings of 50 or less
  • Just a short distance from Orlando
  • Laid back and less crowded
  • Stunning sunsets

2. Harry Leu Gardens

A city location coined as a “50-acre botanical oasis,” Leu Gardens is a hidden gem with elopements for up to 25 guests costing a mere $375. (See more rates.) 

  • 50 acres of botanical photo ops and romantic hideaways
  • Multiple ceremony locations like the idea garden
  • Rose room (indoor location) for rainy day ceremonies
Groom dipping and kissing bride standing in front of fountain in rose garden at Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL

3. New Smyrna Beach

Captivated by New Smyrna Beach: With its close proximity to Orlando, New Smyrna Beach is a dream destination for both me and my clients. Not to mention the convenience of easy access and ample parking, ensuring a stress-free wedding experience. What truly sets this beach apart is the enchanting tall grass that delicately frames the shoreline, offering a unique blend of two distinct settings. And to top it off, a permit is not even required for weddings of 50 or less, however, a courtesy call to beach patrol is recommended.

New Smyrna Beach Elopement Photo — Bride and Groom kissing on the beach with bridal bouquet and flower crown
  • No Permit required for weddings of 50 or less
  • Just a short distance from Orlando
  • Laid back and stress free
  • Beautiful vibrant water

4. Anastasia Island

Anastasia Island is a barrier island located just a short distance from St. Augustine, Florida. Discover the enchanting allure of over 1,600 acres of untouched beaches, breathtaking tidal marshes, lush maritime hammocks, and majestic ancient sand dunes. Not to mention they even have white sand beaches on the Atlantic ocean. This destination is especially mesmerizing for all who visit.

Bride and Groom hold hands by tall grass on white sand beach at their elopement on Anastasia Island, St. Augustine
  • Permit required
  • White sand beaches and ocean views unobstructed by buildings and parking lots
  • Only one wedding allowed by per time slot
Bride and Groom kiss with champagne toast white sand beach in front of VW van with florals at their elopement on Anastasia Island, St. Augustine

5. Kraft Azalea Gardens 

Groom dipping Bride under the exedra at Kraft Azalea Garden with Florida palm tree background in Orlando
Groom dipping Bride under the exedra at Kraft Azalea Garden with Florida palm tree background in Orlando

The setting for a few elopements I’ve already photographed, Kraft Azalea Gardens is only 5 acres, although it has the most gorgeous trees all around, undoubtedly. There’s also a perfect ceremony setting with a charming exedra. Ideal for short and sweet Florida elopements!

  • Easy, minimal location with 5 acres of beautiful oversized trees
  • Public park (not as private, but easy to reserve for elopements)
  • White column monument for ceremonies

6. Treasure Island

Situated on a barrier island, Treasure Island is a hidden gem in Pinellas County, offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. With its close proximity to the Tampa Bay and St. Pete area, this enchanting destination provides the perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility. One of the standout features of this idyllic spot is specifically its unbelievably wide beach.

Bride & Groom walking on the beach in Treasure Island, FL
  • Permit required
  • White sand beaches
  • Near Tampa/St. Pete

How to get married in Florida

Wondering if you can elope in Florida? That link will take you to a post with average costs and show you how to get a marriage license in Florida!

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