Embark on a Wedding Adventure Like No Other. 

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A look at traditional weddings

✗  12+ hours with hardly any intimate, one-on-one time with the person you’re actually marrying! (I said it…)
✗  Stressed and overwhelmed about doing what everyone else wants
✗  100+ guests with hardly any time to greet everyone, let alone enjoy a real conversation
✗  Not enough time for those must-have couple photos between getting ready and heading to the ceremony

What’s In The Box

A look at creating your own traditions

✓  A few easygoing, dreamy hours — spending most of that time with your fiance
✓  Focused on doing whatever you want, how you want to
✓  Less than 50 guests with only your closest friends and family so you can really remember moments with them
✓  Reserved time for you and your fiance to take the photos that will bring back the goosebumps year after year

The Way It Should Be
The Quick Look

Reasons to Choose an Intimate Wedding

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be overwhelming and stressful.

It's time to enjoy the PROCESS and create beautiful memories along the way.

You're dreaming of an intimate, custom wedding that focuses on the two of you as a couple. Unlike a traditional all-day affair, you want a tailored experience getting married wherever you want to, however you want to, surrounded only by your closest family and friends. It's a personalized experience that matches your vision to reflect your unique love story. Partner with a talented photographer (that's me!) who will work closely with you to capture your vision.

You're not planning a conventional wedding

Experience Weddings Redefined

I believe that your wedding day deserves to be as unique and special as your love story. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all weddings and hello to a fully personalized experience like no other.

I go above and beyond to understand your vision, your dreams, and your story. I believe in building a genuine connection with my clients, getting to know you on a personal level, and guiding you through every step of the wedding process.

I take pride in providing exceptional service that is tailored to your individual needs. This is not just another event; it's your wedding day! That's why I am dedicated to ensure that every detail is taken care of, so you can relax and fully immerse yourselves in the magic of the moment.

Ready To get started And Looking For Someone To Show You The Ropes? 

- Up to 4 hours of photography
-Complimentary Engagement Session 
- Custom photo coverage timeline
- Vendor recommendations
- Second Photographer

Orlando Florida Micro Wedding Packages

Starting at $2995

- Planning Support
- Online gallery with your edited photos
- Client portal
- Print copyright (to get those photos framed!)

- Up to 5 hours of photography
-Complimentary Engagement Session 
- Custom photo coverage timeline
- Vendor recommendations
- Second Photographer

Orlando Florida Wedding Packages

Starting at $3495

- Planning Support
- Online gallery with your edited photos
- Client portal
- Print copyright

This Is Also Part of the Deal

With Orlando WEDDING photography


COmplimentary Consultation

A quick chat to understand your wedding day vision and goals is a super important part of the process. This is where we'll discuss your hopes and dreams and figure out how to make them come true.

Timelines Down To The Minute

I have the capability to plan your entire wedding day to the minute if you trust me to do so. As someone who lives every minute with my couples (wedding after wedding), I know the exact logistics we need to keep in mind.


Luxury all in one service. I’ll be in touch every step of the way with reminders, planning guides and support (easing the nerves and bumping up the excitement). 


7-Day Sneak Peeks

Can’t wait to share the news (#justhitched)? I send sneak peeks within a week of the wedding day so your followers can see the news in all its glory (your glory). You’re welcome.

Full Galleries Within 6 Weeks

That’s way ahead of the industry standard, I can tell you that. You’ll get access to all of the final, edited images so you can download and share away. Send mom the link right away, will ya (or just give me her email!)?

pen pal

Yes, I write blog posts about almost every wedding! But by this, I also mean that I’m here before and after your wedding. I want to cheer you on after the photos are taken and the honeymoon is over.

The in-depth testimonials that say it all (like the Airbnb reviews you can’t help but scour).
The Reviews, Unabbreviated

I’m honestly so overly happy with the experience!! Blew away my expectations!! We were nervous we would not connect and feel comfortable with the photographer. We could not have been more wrong!! She was easy to talk to, was cheerful the whole time and picking the date and location went flawlessly!! She was ready with pose ideas and helped put us at ease in front of the camera and brought our true personalities out in these pictures. Amy had amazing directing skills, laughed with us the whole time, and captured the love we have for each other!

Blew away my expectations!
- Anna M.

And the gallery was amazing! So much better than I could have dreamed they would have turned out!!! Our sneak peeks were amazing and somehow she managed to blow us away even more with the rest of the photos!! We are still getting rave reviews from family and friends saying they are some of the best photos they have seen and that she truly captures the love we have for each other! Amy truly captures those natural moments in such a beautiful and dreamy way. Our experience with Amy Britton Photography could not have been more amazing!!

Blown away at full gallery!

- Anna M.

Our time with Amy from start to finish was magical! It was fun, silly, lovey dovey, and never awkward. Amy is a breath of fresh air and an amazing photographer. I have never in my life LOVED every single photo taken of myself. I’m just in awe of how amazing every single picture she took of us looks! And not just that but, how she really did capture our love story in these pictures. These are the most meaningful photos of my husband and I. Amy was so right about recommendations, the location, everything, and it just all came together like a fairy tale. I trust her judgement!

Fun, silly, and never awkward.
- Missy M

"My husband and I said numerous times how comfortable Amy made us feel and how fun she made the session. It was seriously like we had known her for so long! I love how open and direct she was. So very sweet and everyone’s personal hype person! It was so nice to see how excited Amy was for us and how special she made us feel. You can tell she loves what she does and that’s amazing - especially this day and age! I never knew there could be someone out there who really wants every detail to be so perfect for their clients like Amy did. So sweet, so understanding , so very talented."

... like we had known her!
- Missy M

"If you’re looking for a talented photographer, stop looking because you’ve found the winner! Amy made us feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera while delivering amazing pictures! My fiancée nor myself had not had professional photos taken before so we didn’t know what to expect. Amy blew us out of the water with whatever expectations we had! She was able to guide us to poses that felt comfortable and captured the in between moments that are special. As awesome as our actual session was, we love the pictures even more!"

Blew us out of the water!
- Augusta B

The Process

What’s Around The Corner

Does the shoe fit?
We won’t know until we just go ahead and have a conversation. Say hi and then we’ll chat over your complimentary consultation. Knowing you and connecting with you is the first box we need to check. After that, all boxes go out of the window for a custom, out-of-the-box experience.


Get the show on the road.
Book your package and take a whole lotta stress off your shoulders. I use a convenient online form to get your contract signed and invoice secured. After that, I’m all yours for planning, photographing and personalizing this adventure. (We won’t be hiking, but we will be on cloud nine with a fun, laid back and spur-of-the-moment approach that doesn’t overlook the essentials.)


Celebrate that proposal.
Although your elopement may be short and sweet (it doesn’t have to be!), I’ll encourage you to set aside a little time before the wedding to take engagement photos! This is a prime opportunity to get to know me (and for me to get to know you better of course) and learn what to expect when working with me. This makes it a breeze on the actual wedding day!


Talking about good times.
Whether your elopement itself is simple and laid back or carefully planned down to every detail, I’ll help you narrow down the exact timing for the day so that it goes exactly the way you want it to. Like Disneyworld, it’s the intricate planning (have you seen that park?) that leads to perfection.


My favorite part.
Pop the champagne, play the music, hit the beach or explore the sprawling gardens at a Florida estate, let’s get you married. I’ll make sure you get irreplaceable photos from this irreplaceable day with my camera in hand, timeline in tow and good vibes in mind.


Settle into married life with photos that last.
You’ll feel like you’re hardly home from your honeymoon when you get your full wedding gallery (6 weeks after eloping). With print rights and online images, you’ll have it all.



Orlando WEDDING Photography

If you're planning an intimate wedding, you don’t have to have 8 hours of wedding photography to hit your photography goals. In fact, you'd be surprised how many categories you can still fit into your photo coverage (all of the ones that mean the most to you!) in a 4 hour package. I can give you the estimated amount of hours you'll need during a complimentary consultation.


I want your photos to last and look just like the day that you lived so my style is definitely more bright and true to life, using natural light for those must-have golden tones. And the age old question "you can photoshop that, right?" The short answer is no. Think of it like this; If there is something temporary like a blemish or bruise that will be gone shortly after your session, yes I will be sure you look your best. But retouching or changing your appearance is not part of the process.

What’s your editing style?

All photos are backed up to a hard drive and online gallery for safekeeping! As simple and secure as that!

How do you back up the images?

Let’s make a splash with a wedding you’ll never forget. And if I had any say, your dog could definitely be the witness.

Discover the magic of planning an intimate wedding that truly reflects your love story. 

You Jump. I’ll Jump.

I couldn't imagine sharing such an intimate and personal moment (my wedding day!) with people that I barely knew. I also couldn't do it without the people I felt closest to. So, we dedicated an entire weekend to celebrate and we were overwhelmed with joy. It was a pure celebration of our love with a focus on what was important to us. People still tell us today that our wedding was the most special one they've ever been to because of how much time they got to spend with us!


Engagement sessions can make your wedding day a little more special and a little less stressful. While you may have not considered taking engagement photos (or using them for save the dates!), that time together gives you an opportunity to celebrate your engagement, and to get comfortable working with a professional photographer. When your wedding rolls around, you’ll know what to expect and the photos will feel more genuine!

Why do we need an engagement session?

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