Can you elope in Florida?


First things first — can you elope in Florida? Yes. Both Florida and non-Florida residents can elope here!

So, if that’s something you’d like to do, let me walk you through getting a Florida marriage license, and helping you understand the costs of Florida elopements too!

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How to request a marriage license in Florida

  1. Read the Florida government marriage license guide
  2. Select a county office to apply in (any location works, regardless of where you elope)
  3. Fill out their application
  4. Pay the fee ($86 to $95 depending on the court)
  5. Complete the appointment (in person or virtual depending on the county)
  6. Download the marriage license, or wait for it to be mailed (again depending on the county clerk you work with). Or receive a copy from your in-person appointment.

But for your elopement to be valid, don’t forget to sign and mail the marriage license back to the county clerk!

  1. At the elopement, have a notary sign the marriage license
  2. Register the signed marriage certificate within 10 days to be valid (you’ll usually receive a pre-addressed envelope to mail back after the wedding)
  3. Look for a certified copy in the mail!
  4. Now it’s official!
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Can a non-resident get married in Florida?

Yes! Most of my clients as a Florida elopement photographer travel from out of state to get married here. 

You’ll need a valid state-issued ID (like your driver’s license) and your social security numbers. You have to be 18 as well. Some courts allow you to request the marriage license online, so look for one that does so to make it easier from out of state. Otherwise you’ll need to arrive 3+ days before the elopement to get the marriage license in person.

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How much does it cost to elope in Florida?

The cost to elope in Florida is highly dependent on your budget and style. Technically, your marriage license will cost just under $100, but if you want a photographer and perhaps a small cake and a bouquet, you can expect anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on your vendors and their level of experience. The venue can add another $500 to $5,000 on top of that! (Skip the venue and plan a beach elopement with these ideas if you’d like!) 

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If you simply want to come here and get married without a photographer, florist or any other typical celebratory measure — you simply need a marriage license and an officiant, plus some kind of ceremony (no matter how short and sweet) to affirm it. You can request the marriage license on the government website with a $93.50 fee. Once obtained, you’ll have 60 days until it expires. You just can’t use it in the first three days as there’s a waiting period between the license being issued, and you actually being able to use it!

If your notary is free and you already live here and don’t have to pay for travel, that means it’s less than $100 to get married. At most, though, you can expect about $200-250 for an elopement with no photos or ceremony.

Florida elopement packages

I have an entire list of Orlando elopement packages, and am more than happy to help you find the right location for your Florida elopement!
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