All Your Dreams Come True.

I Give My All So You Can Have

Hence why I may as well be a dream coach and elopement wedding photographer. Because I’m not about to just sit back and mark off the days on my calendar until this wedding of yours. Instead, I’ll be coaching, consulting and curating all the details — helping you make that dream happen, and photographing it too.

You deserve to get married, your way, which is why I believe in helping you plan the elopement you dream about.

ready to elope?

Bringing Your Wildest Wedding Dreams To Life Is My Day Job.

I.E. an elopement wedding photographer

But in the evenings, I’m a wife, dog mom and foodie (who leaves the actual cooking to my hubs). Put me in front of the ocean with a book, an umbrella and a cocktail, and I'm a happy girl!

Oh and a cool fact? My work has been showcased on 90 Day Fiancé, a reality TV show I had the honor of working with to take wedding photos for the couple, Patrick and Thaís!

My name is Amy by the way.

Elopement wedding photographer for the dreamers and romantics

Time doesn’t exist when I’m photographing you and your person. I swear; time almost pauses and yet flies by all at once! It’s kind of magical and so are the results. I absolutely love what I do. I’m confident behind the camera so you can be confident in front of the camera. I also love cocktails, traveling and being outside (near the water if possible, please!). I’m a big believer in enjoying the little things, laughing a lot and having deep conversations. Every second spent with my husband, Will, and our dog, Maddie, is a good second.

xx, Amy Britton
But These Are The Facts

Photography Is My Purpose,

With traveling, but I hate flying!

Get the party started by sending a quick hello from you to me.

The French Riviera

Dream Vacation

Champagne & St. Germain with a lemon twist

Can I Meet You Yet?

My dog (Maddie!) is a 12-year-old Bichon Frise who is spunky with lots of quirks!


My husband, Will, is the only cook in our house. I can't tell you the last time I cooked, but I would say it was early 2020 and most likely didn't turn out.


I met my best friend on before friend dating was cool. She is my biggest cheerleader and I literally wouldn't have started my business without her support and constant encouragement!


I am still friends with the same 3 girls I started preschool with.


I came face to face with a bear on a hike in Glacier National Park. It was one of the scariest moments of my entire life.


I'm obsessed with Mayorga Organic Cafe Cubano Dark Roast Coffee. I swear the beans sparkle!


I’ve run into lots of reality stars (Real housewife, Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, Gavin Degraw and even Jennifer Aniston washing our hands next to each other in a bathroom!)


I would play music during every single thing I do if I could! Taylor Swift is one of my absolute favorites, along with John Mayer and The Lumineers.


I have been to every state in the continental U.S. except North Dakota and West Virginia. Random, right? If you need road trip advice, I'm your girl!

The Best Compliment I’ve Ever Received?
I make everyone comfortable, even the dog!

But here are some other phrases you’ll find in my reviews from the coolest people ever (people like you!).

Amazing - five stars!
Best time ever.
Comfortable and relaxed
Detailed and organized
Blown away!

I’ll tell you how we met, but only if you promise to tell me your story too!

Will and I are both from two different very small towns in Illinois, only about 40 minutes apart. We met in a bar at college where he recognized my sister. They had a class together and it turned out that he had also gone to my rival high school! Crazily enough (or let’s call it fate), he's in some of my home videos as a basketball player when I was a cheerleader!

We’ve been married for 11 years now and do all the couple things — traveling, adopting dogs, checking out yummy restaurants and trying craft cocktails. Our #funcoupletip is taking a vacation for every wedding anniversary. St. Lucia, Maine and Paris have been some of our faves (and the stunning national parks)!

The Meet Cute
How Did I Become A Photographer, You Ask?

The Timeline

Photography was always something I had a very deep desire to do. I could picture my life as a photographer and knew that it was what I was supposed to be doing. But, like a lot of things, it wasn’t that simple at first. This story is my whole life in the making, so buckle up. The seatbelt sign is on.

My grandparents and parents have a real appreciation for photography and were always photographing our family. We have photos from their trips to national parks, pictures of my dad and uncle with their chocolate easter bunnies, shots of them in their baseball uniforms at home, and all of this is from the 60s! One of my favorite things to do, even from a young age, was to sit with my grandma to look through photo albums. It still gives me goosebumps to feel this connected to my family and those moments, even if I wasn’t in the photographs.

My dad was the same way. He was that guy in the 90s who was very big on carrying around his video camera everywhere we went. Vacations, a walk around the park, I have photos of every trip and those regular ole days at home. My mom wasn’t very different from that — setting up photoshoots of my sisters and I at home, dressed up as cheerleaders, brides or even in my dad’s work clothes! She was also my high school newspaper advisor; I learned so much about being a creative when I was in her class. Obviously, it wasn’t long before I had my own camera in hand. Yes, I got started with film!

When college came, I studied a mix of everything (photography included), got the corporate job and started that side hustle. At one point, I worked 60-hour weeks at my office job and still found myself craving 12-hour weekend weddings where I interned and learned from another photographer. I look back and can’t believe the hours I put in while working full-time and building this business on the side. But I was so driven to pursue this passion that it simply wasn’t an option to do anything else. Since then, I’ve been running my photography business full-time and we’ve relocated from St. Louis to Orlando, Florida because the sunshine state with all of its beaches has my heart (and it’s where my hubs proposed!).

Having planned a destination wedding myself (the best day ever in Savannah, Georgia), I realized that I could not get enough of elopements. The intimacy and focus on the couple (shouldn’t that be normal?) is just incredible. So why not give couples the opportunity to get it all done with a photographer and guide (that’s me!)? Fast forward to today and here we are. Look at us! You, here, sitting down and almost chatting with me.

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