A Micro Wedding at The Garden Villa


A Heartfelt Ceremony Surrounded by Loved Ones

Kaitlyn and Alex exchanged vows and promised their lives to each other. It was a beautiful November day at The Garden Villa in Winter Park. With their families by their side, this couple shared an incredibly heartfelt ceremony. They wrote their own vows, capturing their deep love and commitment to one another. Tears flowed as they professed their devotion. Every word spoken and every tear shed undoubtedly became a testament to the deep bond shared between these two beautiful souls.

The Beauty of The Garden Villa

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Winter Park, Florida, The Garden Villa served as the perfect backdrop for Kaitlyn and Alex’s unforgettable wedding day. Moreover, This charming venue exudes a unique blend of elegance and nature, creating a magical ambiance. With its stunning gardens, picturesque pathways, and intimate ceremony space, The Garden Villa truly captures the essence of romance. It creates a dreamy setting for couples to exchange their vows of love. What’s more, It’s a favorite venue of mine because they specifically host intimate weddings. As a matter of fact, their packages are tailored to intimate weddings.

Cherished Moments with Their Children

The cherished family bond was beautifully celebrated as their children took center stage in this joyous occasion. With utmost pride, they accompanied Kaitlyn down the aisle, radiating love and support. Adding to the significance of the day, a special reading delivered by one of their sons filled the air with love and admiration. Each child’s unique personality specifically shining through with their contributions to the ceremony. All in all they were leaving everyone touched by their words and gestures of affection.

Captivating Joy and Beauty at the Garden Villa

As a photographer, I have the privilege of capturing the heartfelt moments that unfold throughout the day. One of the highlights of this wedding was capturing the adorable daughters of Kaitlyn and Alex, who proudly stood by their side as bridesmaids. These young girls radiated joy and added an extra touch of sweetness to the celebration.

Winter Park Wedding

It was a true honor for me to document this long-awaited day, filled with love and happiness. The rest of their day was spent at The Alfond Inn in Winter Park which you can see here. I am truly honored to have been a part of this long-awaited day, and I am thrilled for the happiness that lies ahead for Kaitlyn and Alex.

If you’re planning your own intimate wedding, and you’re looking for a venue and photographer, I’d say we’re a match made in heaven.

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