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Have you been wondering how to make the most of your micro wedding timeline but don’t know where to begin? Let me tell you friend, it’s all about your #weddingdaygoals. This post is actually going to contain multiple micro wedding timelines, but by the end, you’ll have an idea of what YOUR micro wedding timeline should look like.

The micro wedding timeline of your dreams

I’ve said it and I’ll happily say it again — you deserve to get married, your way. So while you’re figuring out your micro wedding timeline, don’t forget why you chose a micro wedding.

Whether you want more time together, more intimate moments or more photos (yep, that’s a part of this), the goal of your micro wedding timeline is to help you stay on track for whatever it is that you want.

Tips for a micro wedding timeline, including dog lovers!

So, what’s your goal?

Do you want a million photos of just the two of you, or would you rather spend most of your time sipping champagne and enjoying deep conversations with the people closest to you? That picture you have in your head is what you’ll nail down, hour by hour, with a timeline.

Even if you want the most laid back day of your life for your micro wedding, a timeline will make sure it’s just that because you won’t be stressing about what to do on the day of.

What to consider for your micro wedding timeline

First look

I’m a big fan of first looks. They give you so much extra time with your person on that day. It’s more private and eases nerves. Even if your ceremony will only include 10 people, it’s beyond nice to just be together and actually talk before the vows are said and done. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to take couple portraits!

Of course, if you’d rather have that super emotional moment during the ceremony itself, let’s do it. This is your day, friend!

When to take portraits

I know you’re craving frame-worthy photos for your wedding, but sometimes it can be hard figuring out when to actually take those photos, especially during a micro wedding!

The good thing is, your photographer will capture every candid moment, but you’ll also want a few other photo types:

  • Couples portraits — ideal during the first look, after the ceremony and at sunset!
  • The bridal party — could be arranged for just after the first look or after the ceremony
  • Family photos — after the first look or after the ceremony

If you’re already planning a first look, I recommend scheduling the bridal party and family photos then as well (without overstepping your time alone of course). However, if you’re tight on time, those family photos can be taken after the ceremony.

How your ceremony will look

A micro wedding gives you the chance to have a one-of-a-kind ceremony. With your pup there as the witness, or with your best friend as the officiant, there are so many unique ways to make it your own!

Think beyond the vows and ring exchange. What can make the ceremony totally your own?

Time of day

Oof — the time of the wedding ceremony. This is a key part of the whole day. What time can you be ready by? Do you need time for a first look beforehand? And what’s the time for sunset? For optimal results and the dreamiest light, take my recommendation and get married 1-2 hours before sunset! You won’t regret it!

Micro wedding timeline examples

The simple, standard option

No first look with an afternoon ceremony — this is a tried and proven timeline you can customize for a day of your own.

4:00 – Getting ready photos

4:30 – Ceremony

5:00 – Family photos

5:45 – Sunset bride & groom portraits

The portrait plethora

A first look, plenty of time for photos and a short, but sweet ceremony

3:00 – Getting ready photos

3:30 – First look

4:00 – Bridal party & family photos

5:00 – Ceremony

5:30 – Candid celebrations — cake, champagne pop, puppy kisses

6:00 – Send off

6:30 – Sunset bride & groom portraits

Micro wedding timeline tips, like an officiant you know!

Is your micro wedding timeline coming together? Tell me all about it in the comments below and let me know if you need any other micro wedding advice! Feel free to message me on Instagram too!

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