A Beach Proposal to (Engagement) Ring in the New Year


New Year, New Fiancés

The beach, a rose petal aisle in the sand, a pop up picnic and champagne on New Year’s Eve? When Matt contacted me with his surprise beach proposal idea, I was overjoyed! I mean, isn’t this every girl’s dream proposal?

A Rosy Romance

Matt told Sara they were meeting friends for a sunset cruise. So when they first arrived at the beach, Sara was surprised to see the beautiful rose petal aisle (hint, hint) she and Matt stumbled upon. But, she was even more shocked to find out the setup was for her! Cue the tears! Matt led her through the rose petal pathway where he had a speech prepared for her and then he got down on one knee. Sara was absolutely stunned and so happy! It was a beautiful moment to capture!

Surprise beach proposal in Florida with a rose petal aisle and sand under their feet

Ready to plan your own surprise beach proposal? I’m here to help — let’s chat!

Three! Two! One! Happy Engagement!

Sara and Matt shared a champagne pop and toast, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate your engagement! Not to mention how fun these photos turned out! It was an unseasonably hot day on New Year’s Eve, but we made the most of it with some fun photos of just the two of them — a mini engagement session, if you will.

From Coffee Cups to Champagne Pops

Let’s start from the beginning. Sara and Matt are from Illinois (so am I!), and although they met all the way back in high school, the two didn’t begin dating until college! They often met for coffee dates where they would talk for hours on end. Flash forward to today, they live all the way out in sunny southern California in San Diego’s little Italy. However, Florida holds a special place in their hearts. They have made so many special memories with their families in both New Smyrna Beach and Naples so it only made sense to start their next chapter here.

All the Feels With All the Family

Matt shared with me that he and Sara are both incredibly close to their families. Sara’s family always hosts a big New Year’s Eve party in New Smyrna Beach, and what a perfect time to propose! Matt planned every detail of this beach proposal. And the icing on the cake — both Sara and Matt’s families arrived shortly after he proposed to surprise Sara and celebrate their engagement! The look on Sara’s face when she saw her family arrive gave me goosebumps. You can see just how much it meant to her in the photos!

Am I Dreaming, Or is it Our Dream Date Orlando?

Our Dream Date Orlando really brought Matt’s vision to life. It was absolutely magical! Their website says, “because in your dreams, every detail matters,” and for this proposal, no detail was overlooked! I know how much hard work they put into the success of this proposal set up and it paid off beautifully.

Congratulations, Sara and Matt!

Sara and Matt, I’m so honored I was able to be a part of such a huge milestone in your life! You are both so kind and I wish you all of the happiness in your future! I hope when you look back at these beach proposal photos in years to come, you feel as though you are frozen in time with all of the shock, excitement and love you felt on this day!


Photographer: Amy Britton Photography

Picnic: Our Dream Date Orlando

Florals: Unefleursavauge

Florida Beach Proposal Photos - New Smyrna Dunes Park Proposal — Surprise Beach proposal with pop up picnic and rose petals on the beach, Couple spraying champagne
Florida Beach Proposal Photos - New Smyrna Dunes Park Proposal — Surprise Beach proposal with pop up picnic and rose petals on the beach, Champagne Toast
Florida Beach Proposal Photos - New Smyrna Dunes Park Proposal — Surprise Beach proposal with pop up picnic and rose petals on the beach
Florida Beach Proposal Photos - New Smyrna Dunes Park — Surprise Beach proposal with pop up picnic

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