Engagement Photos at Lake Runnymede


Lake Runnymede is known for its live Oaks and sprawling field with tall grass. It’s easy to see why anyone would be drawn to this beautiful conservation area to capture photos! I loved getting to meet Kara and Ricard. They arrived and were completely up for anything. There’s absolutely nothing better than when clients put their full trust in you for the creative process and really go for any pose or prompt given making it their own! That’s when the best photos happen, and if you take a look through these photos, you’ll see just that. So many real and beautiful moments.

The weather wasn’t exactly our friend this day, but Kara and Ricard completely took it in stride and even kept the session going during the rain! Mother Nature finally took over and we had to make a run for the car. We decided to wait it out and try again with a new look. Kara and Ricard are so in love and that love shines through in all they do. Not only that, but they were so.much.fun. and they kept the laughs going the entire time we were together. I loved seeing how much Ricard could make Kara laugh, it was the best!

Kara & Ricard – you two were a blast. I hope when you look back at these photos in years to come, you feel as though you are frozen in time with all of the love and excitement you feel now.

Lake Runnymede Engagement Photo — Guy twirling girl on path of beautiful spanish moss trees
Lake Runnymede Engagement Photo — Girl laughing while guy whispers in her ear on path of beautiful spanish moss trees
Lake Runnymede Engagement Photo — Guy and girl hugging and laughing on path of beautiful spanish moss trees
Lake Runnymede Engagement Photo — Couple hugging in field
Lake Runnymede Engagement Photo — Couple holding hands and smiling in field

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