23+ Beach Elopement Ideas For 2023


All the ideas for all the sun-kissed, toes-in-the-sand elopements. Beach elopement ideas with a dash of salt (we’re talking oceanside after all, aren’t we?)!

Show-stopping ceremonies on the sand

I moved to Florida so I could focus on elopement photography — and yes, specializing in seaside weddings was part of that decision. So to say that I’m a beach elopement savant is not an understatement.

For most of my beach elopement couples, there is no planner or wedding venue coordinator — I’m usually the only vendor besides the dress maker and the florist, both of who don’t show up to the beach wedding, and who usually aren’t the ones who have dipped their toes into the logistical details of it all.

That’s where I come in — documenting and designing up the details for gorgeous beach elopements. Here are some ideas to inspire you, and if you’re in Florida or anywhere a plane, car or magic carpet can get to, I’ll meet you there to take magical photos too!

Ideas to consider for your beach elopement

  1. A small ceremony at the shore

Ways to celebrate your beach elopement with family

  1. Invite them for post-nuptial stargazing at the seaside
  2. Pop champagne (and maybe spray it too)
  3. Host a picnic

Best beach wedding destinations in and around the US

  1. Florida (Orlando, Key West, Tampa, Panama City, Miami…)
  2. California (southern like LA or up north by Big Sur)
  3. PNW (Think Oregon, Washington…the beach without the heat)
  4. Cabo, Mexico (the west coast of Mexico with gorgeous, newly built resorts)
  5. Cancun, Mexico (the quintessential Mexican beach wedding destination)
  6. Cozumel (an island in Mexico!)
  7. Hawaii (8-hour flight from central US, but worth it!)
Groom lifting Bride and kissing with beautiful bridal gown at Bean Point Beach on Anna Maria Island

Beach Elopement Decor

My recommendation here is to keep it simple. No shoes are even needed. After all, the whole point is to not only save costs on extravagant venues, but to let the landscape itself be the finishing touch. If anything, I recommend bringing a small ceremony sign, decorating the area with flowers and perhaps adding a low-sitting charcuterie table.

Bride and Groom sit on beach with small picnic table with pastel table settings in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Of course, if you are looking for more, I have a fabulous team of elopement vendors that would love to help create the beach setup of your dreams!

Beach Wedding Dresses

  1. Simply satin
  2. All the lace
  3. Off the shoulder
  4. One shoulder
  5. Strapless
  6. Sweetheart neckline
Beach Bridal Gown strapless sweetheart neckline a line skirt

Suit Ideas

  1. Blue Suit
  2. Gray suit
  3. Navy suit
  4. Black suit with a colorful lining for a sprinkling of personality

Beach Wedding Cake Ideas

Start with vanilla or white chocolate and then go from there!

  1. Single tier white with a touch of fresh flowers from your florist
  2. Three tiers with your wedding colors – could be tropical!
  3. Seashells for decor
  4. Pastel blue and white
  5. Sand-style crumble (don’t use sand, but ask your baker to create a sand-like crumble!)
  6. Or a non traditional route with one of my favorites – french macrons!

Beach Wedding Arch Ideas

  • Wooden pillars with white material hung on top (the most classic choice)
  • Cascading floral arch
  • Geometric/industrial (like the triangles you’ve seen pop up on your Pinterest feed)
  • Just flowers in large vases (gorgeous, but the easiest to DIY and more cost effective)

See more here!

Bride & Groom standing under metal circle ceremony arch with white florals at the top on the beach

Elopement Beach Wedding Photos To Inspire You

Groom dipping bride and kissing her under wooden ceremony triangle arch with floral accents on the beach with Florida Beach Wedding Packages
Groom walking with bride wearing cascading bridal gown on the beach on Anna Maria Island, FL
Bride and Groom sitting at wooden table for two on the beach toasting with floral accents on the beach included in their Florida Beach Wedding Packages
Groom twirling bride on the beach in Treasure Island, FL
Bride and Groom laughing standing on the beach with bridal bouquet in Treasure Island, FL
Petite lavender cream and eucalyptus Bridal Bouquet for Beach Elopement
Bride & Groom sitting on the beach in front of VW van with florals on Anastasia Island, Florida

Beach Elopement Packages

See the beach elopement package that I recommend here on my Orlando elopement packages page! And if you’re loving these beach elopement ideas, follow along on Instagram for more sun-soaked goodness!

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