Nantucket Vacation in 48 hours


Looking for a Nantucket Vacation? Here’s how I visited the island in only 48 hours. Last year I was researching a fresh new vacation destination and happened upon the beautiful and quaint island of Nantucket! I was super excited because I had been wanting to take my husband on a vacation somewhere along the Northeast coastline for years.

We actually drove down from Maine, (which you can read about here) but we parked at Hyannis Port to catch the Steamship Authority Ferry.

48 Hours in Nantucket

Steamship Authority Ferry to Nantucket

Now this might sound crazy, but I was incredibly worried about taking the Ferry such a far distance across the sound as someone who has been sea sick before. Trust me, once you get sea sick, you never ever want to feel that way again! Luckily, I had a friend who had taken the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and assured me I had nothing to worry about. The ferry was super easy and relaxing! It is about a one hour ride. I would recommend getting there a bit early just because there’s a long line waiting to board.

Nantucket Vacation - Steamship Authority Ferry to Nantucket
Steamship Authority Ferry to Nantucket

We got lucky and had 2 rows of seats with a long table between on the way there and on the way back! I was pleasantly surprised that the ferry wasn’t overly crowded. Especially since we were traveling right at Memorial Day Weekend!

21 Broad – A Nantucket Hotel

Once we arrived, we were with a huge group of others rolling our luggage through the cobblestone streets, which was comical. As with most of our vacations, we ended up booking this pretty last minute (I think less than a week before!). We booked a room at 21 Broad and it was a perfect little boutique hotel!

Nantucket Vacation - 21 Broad - A Nantucket Hotel
21 Broad – A Nantucket Hotel

After a long day of travel on a cold and rainy day, I made myself a cup of tea, put on the cozy robe, and sat to recharge. The room was a bit smaller than a hotel room but it was so charming!

Nantucket Vacation - 21 Broad - A Nantucket Hotel
21 Broad – A Nantucket Hotel

After our short tea break, we went out around the town to explore. We visited the cutest shops and stopped at multiple restaurants.

We started at Brotherhood of Thieves where I ordered the Lobster Bisque. It came out in a puff pastry and it was delicious! I loved the service, food, drink and atmosphere of Brotherhood of Thieves! Highly recommend!

Nantucket Vacation- Brotherhood of Thieves Lobster Bisque in a puff pastry
Brotherhood of Thieves Lobster Bisque in a puff pastry

We also stopped for a drink at Nantucket Prime’s outdoor patio and I remember how delightful the heaters were on a chilly evening!

Nantucket Prime – Drinks on the patio

The next day we started off with the lovely breakfast at 21 Broad out on the patio!

Breakfast at 21 Broad – A Nantucket Hotel

We spent most of our morning walking around and going to lots of local shops.

Our Nantucket Vacation – Pleasantville

Everywhere we happened upon was just as picturesque as you would expect Nantucket to be! Or as I like to call it, Pleasantville. I remember we would walk down the street hearing beautiful bells ringing.

Nantucket Bicycle by chair at shop in Nantucket
Nantucket Bicycle

We walked to the Straight Wharf area and signed up for a sunset boat tour! I was dying to try Cru Nantucket but they were closed! Instead we stopped at The Tavern for lunch. Which ended up being perfect. Great service and Food!

Nantucket Vacation -Travel Guide - 48 Hours in Nantucket
48 Hours in Nantucket

The White Elephant Hotel – Nantucket Vacation

I had seen White Elephant Hotel online so I really wanted to check it out while we were there. I would absolutely love to stay there if we ever go back to for another Nantucket Vacation. The staff was incredibly friendly and invited us to try Brant Pointe Grill.

48 Hours in Nantucket - White Elephant Hotel - Traveler standing beside large White Elephant
48 Hours in Nantucket – White Elephant Hotel

Brant Pointe Grill ended up being one of the highlights of our trip! It was right on the water, they had Frosé, and the bartender was super friendly!

Nantucket Vacation - 48 Hours in Nantucket - Brant Pointe Grill
48 Hours in Nantucket – Brant Pointe Grill

If we didn’t have a boat to catch, we would have spent our entire afternoon into evening in this spot!

It was actually our 7th wedding anniversary, so we made sure to go to a celebratory dinner. We picked SeaGrille, which ended up being pretty far from everything else (we had to uber), but it was well worth it! This was the only place we couldn’t walk to our entire trip.

48 Hours in Nantucket – SeaGrille

I ordered the cod with lobster mashed potatoes, which is basically what I wish I could eat every night for dinner!

Will got the lobster fettuccine which was also outstanding.

Nantucket Vacation - 48 Hours in Nantucket - SeaGrille

A sunset sail with Endeavor Sailing

We headed back to our hotel to change into warmer clothing for our sunset sail.

We loved Endeavor Sailing because they allow you to BYO food & drink!

Nantucket Vacation - 48 Hours in Nantucket - Endeavor Sailing Sunset Sail

They also let you sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunset without a lot of talking. To me, this made our sail almost like our own and so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Nantucket Vacation - 48 Hours in Nantucket - Endeavor Sailing Sunset Sail

Again, no worries here about sea sickness.

This was another big highlight of our time in Nantucket and the perfect way to spend our 7th Wedding Anniversary!

Nantucket Vacation - Endeavor Sailing Sunset Sail

Don’t miss the Sunset Sail with Endeavor Sailing if you go to Nantucket!

Where to stay:

21 Broad

White Elephant

Where to Eat:

Brotherhood of Thieves

The Tavern

Brant Pointe Grill


What to do: Endeavor Sailing

If I get the chance to go back, I’d also like to try Cru, Galley Beach, The Nantucket Hotel, and rent one of those cute bikes but I didn’t get to fit any of that in this trip.

I hope this helps you plan your Nantucket vacation!



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    Hi Aim! Great blog! Very impressive!

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    This is so cool! Makes me want to take a trip to Nantucket!

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